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Guest Post for Breathing Fiction

February 23, 2013

My good friend Marisa Di Placido asked me to write a guest post for her about Life, the Universe and Everything, a local science fiction and fantasy convention I have been attending for years. I wasn’t sure exactly what to write but here is a snippet of what came out.

New Directions in Old Places

I’ve been going to LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything) forever and this year I was not excited. Last year I vowed I would not attend again. I was critical and annoyed at the panels, many of which are repeated every year. I had heard it all before. Don’t write a love triangle. Write what you love, not what’s popular. Don’t stalk editors in the bathroom. What not to put in your query letter. Wait thirty days, ninety days, a year before you revise anything. Never give up.

… It is a truth universally acknowledged that whining drowns out sense.

Read the rest on her blog Breathing Fiction.

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