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The Great Garden Saturation: Days 4-9

June 14, 2012

So a few things have started to die. You will notice a lack of pictures.

There are two spots of daisies in the backyard. I’ve watered them the same amount yet one patch has beautiful daisies that taunt you to make daisy chains while the others are scraggly and without petals. What gives? I’m not convinced a certain purple flower in it’s own pot was ever alive. It is perpetually shriveled.

Half the roses seem to be dead or dying. All the blooms are yellow and brown around the edges and a lot have no petals left at all. I accidentally sprayed one of the more dead-looking blooms with the blast of water and all the petals fell off. I hope I didn’t break the circle of life. They’re supposed to fall off anyway. Maybe it’s just time for the roses to say goodbye to summer (que The Last Rose of Summer as sung by Celtic Women). And I forgot to water the indoor plants on day 7 and instead watered them on day 9 so they are rather yellow. :S

There are a few pots which are full of dirt that my mom told me had seeds in them. I’m beginning to wonder. Do seeds need time to incubate, like a caterpillar in a cocoon? How long does it take for a few sprouts to show? I don’t even know what’s in them. Maybe I washed away the seeds. I’m not very good at watering gently. I seem to move a good amount of top soil (vocab word from middle school finally came in handy) when I water.

And another thing. I feel so wasteful every time I water. I live in a desert. While I am grateful we have water, this seems like such a waste. Can’t we just fill the yard with tough, indigenous plants that don’t need so much water and attention? Or am I being selfish rather than green? The hobbit gene must have been given to my sister and passed me by entirely.

Day 4: Mowing Day. Picked up sticks from the windstorm in the back and mowed the front. Not as hard as I thought but why didn’t anyone warn me to wear gloves? I could hardly knit because my hands were so sore! I was so tired after mowing the front lawn that I decided to do the back later. Which I forgot to do.

Days 5-8: I think I only watered the yard twice. It’s really hard to motivate myself to do it when I get home late. I mean, isn’t a goodbye party with your writing group more important than some green stuff? And the yard isn’t crispy. Oh and on day 8 I mowed the back lawn for the first time. Much trickier since I have to mow around the trampoline and the tree house/swing set/slide thing. When I moved the trampoline I realized the grass underneath must not have been mowed in a long time as it was so, well, long.

Day 9: Watered the indoor plants. Somehow the shamrocks are doing marvelously well. Maybe they don’t like to be overwatered? And the slug bait has finally disappeared so I let out Nike (the little rabbit). He did the happy hoppy dance as soon as he touched the ground then promptly hopped into the myrtle and out of site.

I’ve picked strawberries twice. The beans are shooting up by inches. I’m beginning to get nervous about thinning the carrots. I just don’t know when to do it. How do I know without pulling them up? What if I’m too early? This is why I support professional farmers by buying my fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market. They know the secrets and I don’t. And I’m fine keeping it that way.

As the British and pop-culture savvy would say, keep calm and carry on.

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