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The Great Garden Saturation: Days 1-3

June 8, 2012

Nothing is dead!


Day 1: Watered at 10pm because that’s when I got home from the worst movie ever i.e. Snow White and the Huntsman. Blog post to follow.

Day 2: Got home at 10:30 pm and was too tired to water. Oops. I’m beginning to see a pattern here …

20120608-224319.jpgDay 3: I picked strawberries in the morning. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would put on a dress to pick the strawberries so I was like Sleeping Beauty. The ladies at work were very appreciative of the tiny berries. I’ve always had strawberries growing in the back yard so I think I take it for granted.

Watered at 8:30 pm. A normal time! The wind was blowing so hard that the water kept spraying back at me so I was nearly as wet as the plants when I finished.

I also watered all the indoor plants. I’m wondering if my mom remembered to water them before she left because they look super droopy. Two of the indoor plants are shamrocks and they are hard to keep alive so keep your finger’s crossed for me.

And finally, the rabbits are sad. Every time I feed them they look up at me, begging to be let out. Maybe tomorrow after I mow the lawn. The snail bait is almost gone so they won’t poison themselves. And I gave them each a frozen two-liter bottle to snuggle against since today was so hot. So maybe they don’t totally hate me.

And tomorrow is Saturday. My first time mowing the lawn ever. I’ll let you know how it goes if I have the energy to write.

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  1. July 9, 2012 6:04 pm

    You need to write a post about why SWATH was the worst movie ever – I’m tempted to see what all of your reasonings are!

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