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Keep Calm and Carry On: The Power of Words

March 6, 2012

I love the Keep Calm and Carry On posters. They are everywhere. I currently have tissues in my car and a metal-cased notepad emblazoned with the famous phrase. Literally everywhere. And so are all the hillarious imitations and cheapened pretenders. Whether they are in poor taste is a personal matter. But what I really love about this poster is it’s power. Yes, there are a million copies floating out there in the void of the internet. But those copies are there for one reason: power. The power of words. The words on this poster are so powerful that people want to take a piece of it and make it their own.

The words Keep Calm and Carry On are a shining beacon of hope to the everyday person. To those who drag themselves out of bed everyday. To those who work themselves from dawn until dusk. For those who need that reassurance that, yes, you are not alone. So keep calm and carry on.

As much as I loved this poster, I had never heard the story of how it resurfaced into our current popular culture stream. I knew it was originally a propaganda poster from WWII but nothing more. And then, while I was procrastinating writing, naturally, I stumbled across this lovely video from Barter Books. Just from watching this three minute video, this bookshop made my traveling bucket list. It’s an old train station! It screams of magic and stories. And the power of words.

**The Keep Calm and Carry On iPhone App is currently free. It is also fantastic.**

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