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The Confession Chronicles, III

January 23, 2012

I confess. So remember that oh-so-do-able resolution to write 250 words every day? Yeah. In a moment of weakness I broke my streak. I had made it for two weeks. Then I got sick. Like really sick. I slept for 16 hours in one day that’s how sick I was. So I only wrote two days last week and missed four.

On the one hand, I want to be so upset about this. I want to cry and scream and blame someone else for my problems. I started a new job and my sleep schedule is out of whack! I’m reading Utopia! I’m sick and I don’t wanna! I need to finish watching Boy Meets World! But the fact is, I’m the one who didn’t write. I probably could have eeked out something. It would have probably been gibberish as I had a fever but it would have been a habit. *sigh*

But luckily the better part of me has decided not to beat my lesser-self up. I have decided to forgive myself and move on. The only way to overcome is to keep writing. And even though I am super busy this week, what with Sundance, learning new stuff at work and changing my hair, I am committed to do this.

The one advantage of being sick? I finally have gotten into the habit of getting up early (albeit to cough up half a lung but that is beside the point. The point is, I can get up early enough to write in the morning now. I can also write on my fifteen minute breaks and my lunch break. I have the time. I just need to learn to use it.

Also, I need a planning day. I’m finding that even if I have enough material to write for a week, I then forget that I need time to plan for the next week of writing. Planning is half the battle with me. I need the time to daydream about it before it can find a way to the page.

And now that I’ve written more than my daily quote, it’s time to write some more!

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