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Coming Back

January 6, 2012

Coming back from the holidays is hard. I really, really want to continue to laze around, knitting all the time and eating whatever I want. I want to watch Doctor Who and play more Just Dance 3. But it’s time to go back to work. *sigh*

So far, I have made my goal of writing 250 words per day. I know it’s only January 6th but it feels really good. One of my amazing writing friends made her goal last year to write 1,000 words per day (sundays excluded.) She did it. And I saw the changes it made to her writing. And I know it’s because of her consistency, which is why I’m so excited to write every day.

I’m also worried. Worried that I won’t be motivated enough. Worried that my perfectionism will kick my depression into overdrive if I miss a day. Worried that the writing will suck. That last worry isn’t new and will never go away.

I think my new goal is really to learn to make time, not just to write but for everything I want to do. My new job has regular hours, 8:30-5, unlike my last job which was sporadic; swing shifts and nights and mornings and mid days and weekends and holidays. Anytime was fair game. I’m hoping having a regular schedule will set me free, as far as actually getting enough sleep and having a set schedule for my body.

I’ve also decided to allow myself the freedom to work on any project I so chose. At the moment, that means the blog, my japanese mermaid story, my on-going YA fantasy dreams (read: delusions), rewrites for My Haunted Life and anything else that happens to pop up. I hope this will keep creativity flowing, even if a story gets put in a drawer for weeks or months.

So while I still made Ninjabread Men yesterday, I’m back from the holidays. Time to get down to work and feeling good about it.

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